Formulario DA 3161: cómo descargar y editar DA 3161

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DA Form 3161 is a form for documenting the issue or receipt of property and equipment. The full name of the form is Request for Issue or Turn-In and it is commonly known as a Hand Receipt. Where can you download DA Form 3161 and even fill out/sign the document? Just learn more about the concrete guide from the article.

Cómo descargar y editar DA 3161

Parte 1: Introducción general

DA Form 3161 is a United States Army form for a request for issue or turn in. The form is used for detailing supplies that are to be turned in or are being issued to a certain party. The DA 3161 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the Army chain of command. It is important that the party who is filling the DA Form 3161 must first identify the document that is being used to report a turn-in or an issue.

The form includes sections for providing information about the item being issued or turned in, such as its description, quantity, and identification numbers. It also includes sections for recording the name and rank of the person receiving or turning in the item, as well as the date and signature.

The DA Form 3161 serves as a record of accountability, ensuring that the Army can track the movement and distribution of its property and equipment. It is an important document for maintaining accurate inventory control and for facilitating the efficient management of Army resources.

Parte 2: Cómo llenar el formulario DA 3161

Antes de llenar el formulario DA 3161, primero marque la casilla correspondiente que corresponda al uso de este formulario. Y luego debe completar toda la información general que rodea a la solicitud.

Cajas 1-2: Identifique el número de solicitud y el número de comprobante en las casillas.

Cajas 3-9: Identifique a quién se envían los materiales, fecha requerida, prioridad y autorización y toda la información de identificación sobre los artículos que se entregarán o entregarán.

Box 12: Verifique toda la información específica sobre los artículos que se desembolsarán o entregarán. Proporcione números de artículo, números de existencias, descripciones, cantidades, códigos, precios y costo de cada artículo individual. Todas las cantidades y costos numerados deben sumarse y sumarse al final de la casilla 12.

There are no Supply Action Codes on DA Form 3161 - Box 12G is used to document the quantity of turned-in items. Action Codes must be filled in Box 12F. When filling out the form, use one of the following:

I - Initial,

R - Replacement,

FWT - Fair Wear and Tear,

RS - Report of Survey,

EX - Excess,

SC - Statement of Charges,

LT - Lateral Transfer.

El formulario debe estar firmado por la parte que autoriza con todos los oficiales de la cadena de suministro involucrados firmando la entrega de entrega de los suministros nombrados en el formulario.

Se debe guardar una copia del DA 3161 para fines de mantenimiento de registros para asegurarse de que todos los artículos se contabilicen y se emitan correctamente a través de la cadena de suministro.

DA Form 3161

Parte 3: Instrucciones en video y ayuda para completar DA 3161

Parte 4: Tutorial rápido para completar DA 3161 PDF

Once you have downloaded the DA 3161 Form, PDFElement should be a versatile PDF editor and converter. Whether you have the scanned doc or downloaded PDF, you can always fil-out the form within the PDF editor. It enables you to add text files, images, watermarks, links, and other elements. Moreover, you can also add signatures to the DA 3161 form, print out the file, or even convert it to another file format.

1. Fill out DA 3161 form and others with column auto-detection and advanced OCR algorithm.

2. Convert DA 3161 form to another file format, such as Word, Excel, or PPT for further editing.

3. Personalize your own signature to DA 3161 form and apply it to PDF as a one-stop solution.

4. Provide multiple printing features to print out the DA 3161 form according to requirements.

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Paso 1: agregue el archivo PDF del formulario DA 3161

Download and install PDFElement, you can launch the program on your computer. After that, you can click the Declarar impuestos menú y elija el Abierta button to import the DA 3161 form. It enables you to preview and edit the PDF file directly. Moreover, you can also convert the scanned document into an editable PDF.

Import DA 3161 Form

Step 2: Edit and Fill-out PDF Form

Once you have imported the PDF form, you can click the Editar menú y elija el Añadir texto button. After that, you can click the desired box you want to edit, which will detect the box automatically. Just enter the desired information you want to fill out and make sure everything is correct before saving.

Edit PDF with Wondershare

Step 3: Add Signature to DA 3161 Form

Go to the Form menu and choose the Digital Signature Field button to drag the signature field to the right place on the document and click the Enviar button. If you still do not have a digital signature, you can click the Comentarios menú y elija el Firma manuscrita option. Just click the Crear button to custom one accordingly.

Agregar firma digital

Step 4: Convert PDF to Another File Format

If you do not want to edit the PDF on another device with Word or Excel, you can also go to the Convertir menú y elija el A la palabra button. After that, you can set up the desired settings for the Word document. Name the Word file in the pop-up window and click on the Save button and your PDF file DA 3161 form will be saved as a Word document.

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When you need to download, fill out, or convert DA 3161 form, here is the ultimate guide you should follow. Whether you need to find the guide about how to fill out the form, the ultimate PDF editor to add information and signature, or even convert the DA 3161 form to another file format, you can always find the desired information from the article.